Semi-Upright Deer Forms

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When it comes to whitetail deer taxidermy, the semi-upright pose of deer forms is the popular choice of many taxidermists and their clients. The Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company is proud to offer two great lines of the semi-upright deer forms. These taxidermy forms are offered in both the Competitors’ Choice manikin line as well as the popular Trademark Manikins series.

Competitors’ Choice: These ultra-accurate deer forms are the creation of World Champions Brian Olson and Pat Wagner, along with International Champion and NTA “Taxidermist of the Year” Mike Yeska. These whitetail forms were sculpted by competitors for competitors. Competitors’ Choice deer forms are known for superior anatomical detail, graceful lifelike poses and an excellent fit. Taxidermists across the nation rely on the Competitors’ Choice deer forms when it comes to a customer-pleasing deer mount.

Trademark Manikins: If you are looking for great detail in a deer form as well as an exceptional fit and appearance, you’ll want to give Trademark Manikins a try. This great series of whitetail deer forms was sculpted by the late Gary Zehner. A perfectionist by nature, Gary’s sculpting style is both accurate and beautiful. Residing in the whitetail state of Wisconsin, Gary was an authority in whitetail deer and incorporated this knowledge into his deer forms.