African | Reference CDs & Digital Downloads


Taxidermy reference is a must for either the novice or advanced taxidermist. Each species is captured on photo CD to help create a better finished mount. Whether for customer work or competition, these CDs will be a valuable asset. Close attention has been paid to eyes, nose, mouth, etc. as well as poses and full body shots. You can zoom in to look at a certain area, you can print a certain picture and take it right to your work as well. Or if you have a lap top, you can view the whole disc while mounting. Each disc has over 50 great or detailed photos on it and many have 100-150 images. Just put the disc in your computer and start viewing them. Then you can access them at any time.

For a [Set of 5] reference CD's, choose 5 reference CD's of your liking. Discount does NOT apply to Underwater Series Reference CD's. Once you are ready to checkout, please enter [CDKT5] in the discount section during your checkout process. Discount must ONLY be used when purchasing CD's in bundles of 5. If you do not have a bundle of 5 when using the discount code, you will be charged the difference.

-If purchasing the Digital Download option, you will see a download link upon checkout that will allow you to download directly from there. You will also receive an email with the download link as well.

*Please note ALL DIGITAL DOWNLOADS must be downloaded via phone or computer. (These files are a .zip extension) please follow the instructions for each device listed below.


1. Download the file via checkout page or email link sent to you after checkout.

2. Go to your downloads folder.

3. Double click the file to copy the .zip file to a normal file.

4. Now you can view your photos



1. Download the file via checkout page or email link sent to you after checkout.

2. A screen will pop up with the .zip file; add the file to your files app of your iPhone. (add to iCloud Drive)

3. Open up your files folder on your iPhone and click on your downloaded folder name and view the photos directly from there! (Note: this may take a while to load all the photos here as they are high resolution images)