Fish - Reference CDs & Digital Downloads



Taxidermy reference is a must for either the novice or advanced taxidermist. Each species is captured on photo CD to help create a better finished mount. Whether for customer work or competition, these CDs will be a valuable asset. Close attention has been paid to eyes, nose, mouth, etc. as well as poses and full body shots. You can zoom in to look at a certain area, you can print a certain picture and take it right to your work as well. Or if you have a lap top, you can view the whole disc while mounting. Each disc has over 50 great or detailed photos on it and many have 100-150 images. Just put the disc in your computer and start viewing them. Then you can access them at any time.

For a [Set of 5] reference CD's, choose 5 reference CD's of your liking. Discount does NOT apply to Underwater Series Reference CD's. Once you are ready to checkout, please enter [CDKT5] in the discount section during your checkout process. Discount must ONLY be used when purchasing CD's in bundles of 5. If you do not have a bundle of 5 when using the discount code, you will be charged the difference.