Trophy Life Cleaning Kit - Deluxe



$75.00 $124.95

For the truly dedicated trophy collector, our Deluxe Kit has more of what you need. The Mount Medix in this kit is essential in keeping the fur from fading and bug free. Kit Includes: 4 oz Eye Polish, 2 oz Sheen Spray, 16 oz Hair Restore, Detail Duster, 40 Lens Swabs, Feather Brush, Grooming Brush, 8 oz Fish & Acrylic Shine, 2 SofCloth, 2 Small Microfiber Cloths, Large Microfiber Cloth, 12" Preening Tweezers, Microfiber Duster Extender, 12 oz Mount Medix Fade Protector, and 12 oz Mount Medix Mount Protector