Paasche Raptor Set (Double Action)


The Raptor RG-3S is Double Action Internal Mix Gravity Feed Airbrush. 

Prime Characteristics of the Paasche® RAPTOR Airbrush include the ability to spray fluids requiring gravity feed doing fine detail and shading work. The Double Action, Internal mix feature permits flexibility in regulation of color and air without work stoppage. 

RG Specifications:
  • Dual Action
  • Head Sizes:
    • .25mm ( TT-1 tip, TN-1 needle and TA-1 Aircap) Great for "Super" fine detail
    • 38mm head (TT-2 tip, TN-2 needle and TA-2 Aircap) - Great for jobs requiring fine detail
    • 66mm head (TT-3 tip, TN-3 Needle and TA-3 Aircap) - Great for spraying Metallics, Pearlescent and Thicker Paints
    • 66mm Fan Aircap (TAF-3 Aircap, TN-3 Needle and TT-3 tip) Will give a 2-1/2 to 3 inch flat pattern for covering larger areas
  • 1/10th Ounce Gravity Cup
  • Hair Line to 1-1/2 Inches
  • Crown Cap (optional) note: crown cap is for needle tip protection and can be removed for fine detail
  • Cutaway Handle with Pre-set Needle Stop New Style Trigger and Piston Options for Raptor
  • The airbrush features a chrome plated body and anodized aluminum handle for durability
  • The handle includes a needle stop to assist with consistent paint release and a PTFE packing allows the RG to handle any water or solvent based paint or thinner.
  • Applications including automotive graphics, models, taxidermy, cake decorating, tattoos, finger nails, graphic arts, illustration, etc.
  • The RG airbrush is made and assembled in the US.
Working Pressures:
  • Operating pressures 15-55 PSI; Maximum pressure 85 PSI. Fan aircap needs 20 PSI or more.
  • 20-30 PSI is best for detail spraying w/ properly thinned paint
  • Use the higher pressures for thicker material where fine detail is not critical or thin the paint to allow lower pressures.