Illustration Bloodline Master - Createx Paint Kits

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Colors have a delayed curing cycle (soft erase) during which colors erase easily and after 48 hours cure to a hard matte finish. Illustration Colors are intended to be used directly from the bottle but can be thinned with 4011, 4012 or 4013 Reducers. For hard-surface application, mix 4030 Balancing Clear with Illustration Colors for an excellent transparent color.

Bloodline are a special set of Illustration Colors which have muted, naturalistic hues. Bloodline are made with the same resin and share the same performance attributes but are transparent. (Although colors may appear opaque due to the high pigment load.) Bloodline dry to a matte finish and can appear to be glossy when top-coated with a clear coat.

1oz Bottles

Illustration Bloodline Master Includes:

  • Old Bone White
  • Dermatitus Tan
  • Injury Ochre
  • Infectious Pink
  • Blood Red
  • Coagulated Crimson
  • Vascular Violet
  • Deep Bruise Purple
  • Expired Blue
  • Code Blue
  • Decay
  • Blunt Trauma Umber
  • Diseased Umber
  • Surgery Sienna
  • Vile Green
  • Reducer