Bear-Black (Closed Mouth Rugshell)

Product Information:
4" x 2" Either

Product Information

Bear taxidermy is in high demand and it’s no wonder as bears make beautiful trophies for a home or cabin. Bear rugs comprise the greatest percent of black bear taxidermy. Create a black bear rug masterpiece with our black bear rug shells available in boar and sow, closed mouth configurations. Sculpted from selected carcass casts with an innovative design to conform perfectly from head to shoulders, these rug shells have given a new meaning to “lies like a rug.”

Cindi Christman, our exclusive bear sculptor for Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company, is an international award-winning taxidermist, who is well-versed in black bear anatomy, facial expressions and mannerisms. Give one of Cindi Christman’s black bear products a try!