Derma Grip

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Product Information

A superior hide glue which combines just the right amount of working time with superb hide-to-form adhesion. A resin, dextrine formula that cleans up with water and is safe to use.

 Chemical Properties:

  • Dextrin/Polymer-Resin Blend
  • Color: Opaque/Tan
  • Ultra-High Solids
  • Solvent Free/Non-Toxic/Environment friendly
  • Zero calculated VOC's
  • Pleasant Odor
  • Anti-Microbial Protected
  • Freeze-thaw stable (32°F)
  • Maximum bond development with 24 hours

 Physical Properties: 

  • Extended working time
  • Medium-heavy paste
  • Excellent holding strength, resist slippage.
  • Clean up: Wet Paste - Cold Water; Dry Paste - Warm Water. Can be easily brushed from hair. 
  • Will not support microbial growth when dry
  • Less need for pinning or nailing
  • Works for fish, birds, or hides, and wet or dry capes
  • Remains flexible, yet develops strong bond.


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Product Information:
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