Fortune Tailer by Andy Campbell

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Andy Campbell has long been recognized for exceptional turkey work. When you see one of Andy’s mounts, there is no doubt he has mastered a wide array of turkey attitudes including those tricky 1/2 strut and 3/4 strut positions. To do this, Andy has developed the “Fortune Tailer”. The “Fortune Tailer” is a jig of sorts that gives you feather perfect turkey tails every time. Simply remove the tail, select either the “Fortune Tailer I” for a 1/2 strut bird or the “Fortune Tailer II” for a 3/4 strut attitude. Bondo the quills, and insert the tail feathers into the “Fortune Tailer” feather slots. Once dry, remove a perfectly positioned tail. And yes it’s as easy to use as it sounds. Now thanks to Andy you too can master those difficult poses.