Metallic Rub-On Paints


Product Information

Metallic finger paints to be used to give the look of iridescent scales on warm and cold water fish. Excellent effects can be achieved when using rub-ons for scale tipping. Paints blend together until top coated with a basecoat sealer or gloss coat. Can be used with fingers or brushes.

Metallic Bronzing Tones
Gold, Emerald, Ruby, Silver, Copper, Purple, and Blue

Metallic Earth Tones
Brass, Gunmetal, Deep Gold, Olive, Pewter, Nubian, and Colonial

Metallic Pearl Tones
Golden White, Cameo Pink, Iris, Silver Blue, Rosewood, Sky Blue, and Walnut

Metallic Bright Tones
Russet, Amber, Apple Green, White Sparkle, Silver Grey, Sunburst, and Midnight Sparkle

Metallic Bronzing Tones