PanPastel Fish Kit #1 (Base w/ Accessories)

SKU: 02415F

Product Information

Realistic coloring effects in seconds! Apply dry! Color like paint!

5 Piece Kit Includes: 

  • 5 PanPastel Colors hand-picked by our Award-Winning Taxidermists (Turquoise Blue, Red Iron Oxide Tint, Permanent Red Shade, Diarylide Yellow, and Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark)
  • 1 Lid
  • 1 Applicator Sponge
  • 2 Mini Applicators

10 Piece Kit Includes: 

  • 10 PanPastel Colors (Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark, Bright Yellow Green Shade, Diarylide Yellow, Hansa Yellow, Orange, Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark, Chromium Oxide Green, Turquoise, Permanent Red Shade, Red Iron Oxide Tint)
  • 1 Sofft Knife
  • 2 Sofft Mini Applicators
  • 1 Palette Tray with Cover
  • 5 Sofft Knife Covers


5 Piece Kit