Replacement Blades

SKU: 03127XT
Baracuta Blades #127XT (5 Pack)

Product Information

Piranta Blades 60A At 20% thicker and 30% stronger than our 60XT™ blade, we’ve improved our cutting-edge sharpness with the 60A™ blade. Whether you’re skinning, quartering, or field dressing, the 60A™ is able to withstand heavy use and resist breakage and is the ideal choice for any serious hunter looking for both strength and precision.

Piranta Blades 60XT With our 60XT™ blade, we’ve taken surgical precision to a whole new level. The 60XT™ is incredibly sharp and has an edge that’s able to endure countless skinning and field dressing of any kind of wild game. Due to its unmatched superiority, it’s easy to see why the 60XT™ is one of our most popular blades.

Baracuta Blades 115XT The #115XT hunter’s blade is one of our thickest micro-honed stainless steel blades. It’s surgically sharp and made for precision cutting with an edge that lasts. As an all-purpose big game hunting blade, the #115XT is the perfect option for any season.

Baracuta Blades 127XT Made from micro-honed stainless steel, the #127XT fillet blade is thick yet flexible enough to cut the perfect fillet. It has an edge that will last through multiple uses, and for filleting fish and deboning wild game, no other blade comes close to the #127XT.