Scrambler / Mixer

SKU: 030113

Product Information

The Scrambler was originally designed as a tool to quickly and easily clean out the contents of an animal skull cavity. The purpose would be for either a European Mount or to meet the regulations of certain States when transporting game over State lines. It didn't take long for our customers to realize that the Scrambler also makes a great paint mixer.

When used to clean out the skull contents, there is no longer a need for tedious scraping or picking away at all the crevices. Used with a cordless drill (not included) and a little water, the Scrambler can liquify the brain matter and thoroughly and quickly clean out the skull contents in a matter of seconds.

String and shaft included with selected product. The scrambler bit is a universal design and will fit all drills, the string configuration will determine the specific use and can be modified depending on skull size (or if used for mixing paint).

    • Comes with 24" of 0.095 string.
    • String assembly required.
    • Countless configurations possible.
    • For best results on deer and elk skulls match pictures. 
    • Works on all animal skulls,
    • Watch video for helpful tips. 
    • Also makes a terrific paint mixer