Stained Glass Coloring Book

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Product Information

Wild Animals - This handy pattern book by artist and stained glass designer Connie Eaton presents a remarkably rich collection of wildlife designs perfectly rendered for stained glass craft. Here are sixty designs that will please both the beginning and the experienced craftsperson and will present many creative challenges in color design, glass cutting, and construction. The designs range from fairly simple pictures comprised of no more than 20 pieces to complex assemblies comprised of more than 50 pieces. A wide variety of animal subjects has been chosen depicting familiar wild creatures posed amid natural surroundings including the alligator, beaver, cardinal, cheetah, crane, eagle, egret, elephant, giraffe, kangaroo, otter, panda, parrot, penguin, rabbit, tiger, toucan, wolf, and forty-two other species. Ideal for windows, panels, light catchers, and a host of other stained glass projects, these attractive graphics can also be used, permission-free, in other art and craft work as well.


Wild Animals