Createx Water-Based Additives

SKU: CX40308

Product Information

4030 Balancing Clear
Use as 1) mix additive and 2) inter-coat clear. Add to any Createx paint to create an acrylic-urethane resin paint for improved adhesion & durability. Mix ~ 10% per vol. with Auto Air Colors for airbrush or 20% per volume spray-gun. Use as inter-coat clear for protecting artwork. Thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per volume. 

4040 Bleed Checker
A water-based acrylic-urethane clear for use as a protective inter-coat appkied over candy to prevent dyes from leaching ("bleeding") into to-coated colors and clear. 

4011 Reducer
Less aggressive and safer water-based thinner to over-reduce paint without seeding paint. 4011 Reducer is the recommended thinner when applying multiple coats of paint, especially with a spray gun, allowing each coat to cure without reactivating underlying coats.

4012 Reducer
Recommended for use with Sealers and when painting direct to a primer or substrate as 4012 Reducer allows paint to penetrate the substrate deeper compared to 4011 Reducer. 4012 Reducer is more aggressive compared to 4011. Reducer can create seeding issues when used in excess amounts whereas 4011 Reducer is safer to add to paint in excess amounts without seeding or prematurely curing the paint.

4013 Reducer
Similar in makeup to the 4011 Reducer.  This water based reducer is formulated to comply with the State of California Proposition 65 regulations.

4008 Restorer
A biodegradable cleaner for soaking metallic airbrush & spray-gun parts in to remove cured paint. Use after painting to partially dissolve dried paint. Easy clean-up with soap & water.

6000 Sealer
Starting base for any Createx paint when painting hard surfaces. Apply direct to aluminum, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and more. Cures to a hard coating over which colors flow-out for a level finish.




4030 Balancing Clear
8 oz.