Water Brush (Medium Tip)

SKU: 032819

Product Information

Excellent for detail scale tipping, just fill this amazing brush with water and use with the acrylic medium of your choice. The built-in valve system of the water brush controls the flow of water allowing mess-free watercoloring. Works well with Liquid Scales, Pearlex Powders and a variety of acrylic paints. Works great with Liquid Scales.

To fill: Unscrew brush tip housing from water brush base. Place under water faucet and push and release sides repeatedly until base is filled. Replace brush tip housing and squeeze base to prime water flow through bristles.

To use: Dip the tip of the water brush into ink or paint and color directly onto the surface. To clean bristles, squeeze the base to flood with water and wipe it off.

Do not use with alcohol or solvent inks.