Whitetail Large Reference Books

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Eye: This book features dozens of the highest quality whitetail deer reference photos ever compiled, focusing on the detail and eye attitudes. Included in this book is the three corner eye chart to help you with sculpting your eyes.

Nose: The highest quality whitetail deer reference photos ever compiled. This book focuses on deer nose, nose pads and lip area.

Ear: This book features dozens of the highest quality whitetail deer reference photos ever compiled focusing on the detail and ear anatomy.

All Around Vol. 1: A combination of some of the best images from all three of the Ear, Eye and Nose books. They are the highest quality whitetail deer reference photos available. Included in this book is the three corner eye chart to help you with sculpting your eyes.

All Around Vol. 2: New never before seen images taken by Dan Verrips included in a high quality book for your use.

8 x 11

An excellent reference guide including 20 pages of very detailed high resolutions images.  Eye reference guide included.